Creating Mobility & Independence for People with Disabilities

Donate to one of our kids

Do you know someone who would love to ride his/her own Amtryke, please contact our Ambility Coordinator if you have questions regarding how to get the process started.

Ambility Coordinator: Adrienne Herring /Tiffany Pfluger Email:;

****When making a donation to a specific child, it is important to specify that the money is for that specific child's tryke. You can do this on the final PayPal page. There is a link that says "please specify who you are donating to". If you click on this link, a narrative box will open and you can type in the recipient's name. If you do not specify a specific recipient, you will receive an email asking to clarify whether your donation is for a specific person or not. ****

Donations can be mailed to:

Capital City AMBUCS
7031 Evans Dr.
Round Rock, TX 78681

Josiah, 4

Diego, 15

William, 3

Jose, 10

Nolan, 8

TJ, 8

Tamara, 10

Ramon, 5

Aleksey, 11

Cooper, 10

Dylan, 4

Jayren, 5

Deron, 4

Jahsua, 5

Valentina, 12

Rajas, 12